CREON2000 – Patented UV Light Air Purification System


General Innovations & Goods. Inc., inventor of the patented CREON2000, an advanced air purifier with proven technology to help reduce airborne pathogens and pollutants using unique UV Light Air Purification and HEPA Filtration technology, proudly maintaining an apex position as the world's leading producer of the most effective and efficient Ultraviolet Light Irradiation devices for HVAC systems.


More effective than other air purification systems!



General Innovations and Goods (“GI & G”) invented, developed, and sells the CREON 2000, an air purifier with patented and proven technology. Using UV-C Light Irradiation combined with HEPA Filtration technologies, the CREON200 has been proven to be exceptionally effective at reducing airborne pathogens, dust, pollen, and pollutants, helping to improve indoor air quality and quality of life. Life is much better when a CREON2000 System cleans the air!


Just one CREON 2000 Air Purification System purifies the air in an entire 3000 square foot/one furnace home.

Click here to read why the patented CREON 2000 UV Light Air Purification System is more effective than all other available air purifiers. Just wait until you try a CREON 2000 in your home or office... Then, you will feel the CREON 2000 pure air difference with every breath you take! Your next step to cleaner, better indoor air awaits in the patented CREON2000 UV Light Air Purification Systems.



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